Airbnb rental tips

Top 10 Airbnb rental tips to follow

The rise in the costs of accommodations and airfare has led to travelers looking for ways to reduce the costs of travel. A great way to avoid wasting money at expensive hotels is to rent a low-cost accommodation through and reduce staying costs. This website provides hosts in 192 different nations across the globe to list various types of residential properties, whether it comes to flats, apartments, individual homes or even tree houses. Hosts can rent a part of their properties for this purpose. Travelers can follow these top 10 Airbnb rental tips to rent the best accommodation for their needs.

Check the location

You should pick an accommodation in a location that actually interests you and offers you a proper base wherefrom you can explore the nearest attractions and tourist destinations. For the choicest locations, Airbnb provides travelers with the chance to explore rentals available by neighborhood. For instance, localities in Berlin are divided into various categories according to different factors like areas with fantastic dining options, local appeal and trendiness.

Look at the cancellation policy

You should pay importance to the cancellation policy of the host, which can vary from soft to strict. It could be that personal problems, ill health and other factors can force you to cancel your trip soon after booking an apartment through Airbnb. If you fail to review the policy of cancellation before booking, you could get a refund of only half of the entire rental cost. If you book an accommodation having a cancellation policy that is more lenient, you can get 100% refund and not 50% refund.

Be mindful of the reviews and pictures

If you do mind being in a bad accommodation, pay attention to the importance of reviews and pictures. In case you are interested in a rental that does not have enough pictures of superior quality, you should avoid it. In case there are not reviews for a listing, or if there are negative reviews or only a few reviews, it is important to remove it from the list of prospects that you have.

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Avoid poor rental terms and conditions

You need to avoid renting accommodations that have poor rental terms and conditions. Do not sign an agreement if you feel that the host is trying to make you sign up as quickly as possible.

Check the final costs

Look at the break-up of the expenses. For example, in case you plan a car rental, ensure that your rental cost includes parking space accessibility and usage or the assurance that there is cost-effective parking close by.

Ensure that it is legal

There is less likelihood of legal questions being raised with respect to a single-family home leasing as compared to that of a condo or an apartment. Thus, it is essential that you ensure that the host has the legal right to rent his accommodation to you. There are some places that have stricter subletting laws that include urban regions, particularly in large cities such as San Francisco and New York City. Keep also in mind that a few homeowner associations do not permit short-term rentals. Check the Responsible Hosting page of Airbnb, where you can get a huge list of cities as well as their rules and regulations along with general information.

Go through Airbnb reviews

You can find more information in the reviews as compared to star ratings. When you read carefully, it is possible to get an idea about the small but essential things – such as where the accommodation is located in a neighborhood that has plenty of traffic, the kind of view that you can enjoy, whether or not a dryer / washer is available. Check whether the images about the accommodation and the surrounding area come with a triangular “A” watermark which would indicate that these have been shot by Airbnb photographers hired by the host.

Get in touch with the host

Contact the host of the accommodation that you are leasing. You may introduce yourself to the host by using the messaging service of Airbnb. Enquire about the points that are not clear or the things that you want further information on – such as public transportation, parking, neighborhood and more. For instance, you should know how far it is from the nearest attractions in terms of kilometers, whether there is a security system and how to operate the same, where to pick up keys and where to return them etc. Messaging or conversing with the host can also give you the chance for price negotiations. Keep in mind that the price that is listed on the website is not firm in every case.

Check the messages

At the time of traveling, make sure that you sign in, check emails and hear all the phone messages. Although this is unlikely, it is always likely for the host to have some kind of emergency and cancel the booking at the last minute. The refund policy of Airbnb will come to effect in case that happens or some other problem arises.

Make use of a credit card

Once you make a booking, you do not directly pay the host but Airbnb. Funds are not received by the host until a day after you check in. Even in that case, it can be a better idea to use a credit card while booking an accommodation. Keep in mind that in case you suspect any fraud or are unsatisfied with the response of the platform to any disputes, the use of a credit card can help you to at least create a paper trail and have some financial records to show in case anything goes wrong.

Know about Airbnb coupon codes available

Find out whether the accommodation in the area of your choice is covered by Airbnb coupon codes. They are offered at regular intervals, and can help travelers like you to save a lot of money on your accommodation rental expenses. You should check here whether you are offered coupon codes for the accommodation of your choice.

Keep in mind that Airbnb provides mobile app for iPhone and Android devices and it’s really useful during trips.

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