Why to buy from Massdrop and save a lot of money?

Massdrop is a unique community-driven and community-focused e-commerce platform. They started as a website for discounted group buys and have not transformed themselves into a product development based on the demands of their users. It is a perfect platform for developing custom products. You should consider buying from Massdrop due to the following reasons.

Customer Inputs for Designing Products

Massdrop is known for taking inputs from their potential customers for designing new products. There are a group of interested customers who come together to express their interests on a particular product. These users find a common platform to connect with other like-minded users to connect with and learn and shop on Massdrop. This unique model helps the customers get high-quality products with exact specifications to meet their requirements as the specifications have been provided by the customers themselves. Massdrop conducts customer polls for knowing what their customers want. The polling systems is secure and users cannot change the votes of other users or influence the poll results.

Valuing of Customers

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity and success of Massdrop is that it values its customers. Their team works closely with their customers to create the products demanded by them. This makes the customers feel a part of the entire process and they feel valued. The Massdrop user base and communities are growing fast. Massdrop identifies 10-15 highly active and involved users as terms them as “hero users”. It relies heavily on these hero users to design new products and features. These hero users also play an important role in regulating the community expectations which they represent. Massdrop also never makes promises to their users which they cannot fulfill. This model of valuing the customers and keeping them at the core of their business operations makes Massdrop a highly customer-centric business with satisfied customers.

Better Deals on Products

Massdrop is an effective platform for providing you some amazing deals on their products. The users from different communities vote for buying a particular product. A product has to reach a minimum number of votes or user interest for Massdrop to negotiate its preferential pricing with the retailer. The pricing is based on a unique model where greater the number of people expressing their interest for a particular product, the lower the pricing will be. This community-based pricing is very popular and useful for niche enthusiasts who can come together in large numbers for demanding specific products and take full advantage of competitive pricing and lucrative deals on the demanded products.

Helps Cottage Industries

Cottage companies make good quality products but are not adept at marketing their products. They lack the resources like marketing team, IT team for digital marketing etc. for creating brand awareness and sales for their products. They rely on word of mouth promotion for upscaling of business. Massdrop helps the cottage industry by providing them a ready-made and large online audience of niche enthusiasts to whom they can sell their products to. Cottage industries can see the type of products demanded by these users and can manufacture products to meet their requirements.

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  1. Massdrop used to be very interesting. It had lots of good offers. If I could I would have been buying something at least once a week. Right now it’s called Drop and it has almost nothing to offer as far as I’m concerned. I miss original Massdrop a lot.

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