ShortPixel image compression plugin

What makes ShortPixel one of the best image compression tools?

ShortPixel is a stable, freemium image compression plugin that is updated often and can be used easily. It is backed by the support of a friendly and efficient team. It can be used to optimize any PDF document or image on your site, increase the SEO ranking of your website, boost the number of visitors and finally help push your sales up. Find out what makes it one of the best plugins for image compression.

Very easy to use

The plugin can be used with ease. It is basically a set-it-and-forget-it extension for optimizing images. With just one click, you can compress the PDF documents and images for your site. Automatically, new images are rescaled and resized as well as optimized even in a hurry, in the backdrop. With ShortPixel, you may resize the actual dimensions automatically, and can save the time and effort of resizing images manually before you upload them.

Has excellent features

There are fantastic features available with ShortPixel. This plugin makes use of an API. Thus, the compression of image occurs on the servers of ShortPixel, allowing you to save the resources of your own server. There is a button in this extension that allows you to optimize images in the media library of WordPress in bulk. This is assistive in case you are adding the extension to a blog that is present already. You can also compare the compressed image version to the original one to ensure that there is only a small compromise in quality.

Uses very small resources

It is light in weight, and makes use of only minimal resources. It is compatible with all types of web hosting, whether it comes to dedicated, VPS, cloud or shared hosting. It is able to optimize all the images that you have on your site, even those that are not listed in the Media Library – such as those directly added through FTP or in galleries such as Modula or NextGEN.

Offers 3 different image compression modes

You can get both lossless and lossy image compression for the commonest types of images, such as WebP, GIF, PNG and JPG, along with PDF files. The extension offers glossy compression for JPG images, through a very superior Lossy Optimization Algorithm. Users can conduct an immediate test of image compression on your website, and compress a few images to ensure that they match their preferences.

Designed especially for photographers

The plugin is designed especially for photographers. The Glossy Image Compression extension offers the best balance between preserving image quality and reducing image quality. Once images are optimized, the Google PageRank, GTmetrix results, PageSpeed Insights and the overall user experience gets better, and more visitors can be assured.

Wide setting options

The Advanced Settings options are worthwhile for anyone who wants to compress images. You may set up varied options in order to handle things such as:

• Excluding some images automatically from being optimized
• Optimizing Retina images
• Using WebP images
• Converting images from PNG to JPEG

Keep in mind, however, that the settings are completely optional.

Famous plugin

This extension is very popular. According to WordPress, it has more than 80,000 active installations. It is a wonderful option for WP bloggers who want to compress images. It is able to optimize featured images as well as thumbnails. You may even choose to exclude thumbnails from image optimization. You have the chance to optimize any type of image on your website, which includes pictures in the NextGEN Gallery as well other image sliders or galleries. It can integrate easily with the post_image field option of Gravity Forms, allowing image optimization on upload. You can resize featured images automatically prior to optimizing them with two varied options. There is no requirement for Imsanity or any similar plugin.

Ideal for various formats

The plugin can compress animated or still images, and pictures in GIF, PNG or JPG file format. It can also be useful for compressing PDF documents. There is the option to convert PNG images automatically to JPG, which can lead to images of a smaller size. It is perfect for images that are larger and available in PNG format.

No limit in file size

One of the prime reasons for the popularity of this extension is the fact that it lets users compress image files of any size. You can even convert WebP images. There is the option to have generated WebP images included into the pages at the front-end with the use of the tag rather than the tag. It can work with WP Retina 2x, and ensure that every retina image is compressed automatically.

Affordable plan

The extension allows you to optimize 100 images for free per month without any restrictions in file size. You have to go for any of the paid plans of ShortPixel if you intend to optimize over how 100 images for the same duration. The paid plans begin every month at 4.99 USD, and let you optimize as many as 5,000 images.

In case you simply wish to bulk-optimize many old pictures, there are one-time plans from ShortPixel that begin at 9.99 USD for as many as 10,000 pictures. The pricing can be said to be quite fair, given that ShortPixel is capable of compressing images very well. It can be especially regarded as affordable as the majority of bloggers will possibly like to opt for the free plan.

100 free pictures per month is a good number for bloggers who blog occasionally or as part of their hobby. It is a good option for serious bloggers to purchase a one-time package or a monthly package. The one-time license is worth a purchase and the superior image compression technology of the extension can help compress every image. You can be assured of significant results, which is something worth recommending, and should be attempted by every WordPress blogger out there. It is recommended that you begin using the plugin with the free plan and check the image quality and size following the compression. You should also note how fast the page load time on your website is, along with the amount of bandwidth that you manage to save.

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