Why NordVPN outperforms other VPN services?

The need for VPN services is increasing by the day. With growing dependence of individuals and businesses on the internet for doing the daily routine tasks, the need for cybersecurity and safety is paramount. Connecting to the internet using the standard protocol can compromise the user’s privacy and sensitive data which can be viewed by interested parties. VPN services provide the effective solution to this and they help the users connect to the internet using remote VPN servers and thus protect the online identity, activity, and the sensitive data of the users protected. The ISPs cannot track the IP address and online browsing history of the users and hence their data is safe by using VPN service. NordVPN is one such popular VPN service provider. The key features of NordVPN are provided below.

Online Security

NordVPN allows the users to connect to remote VPN servers for accessing the internet. It protects the IP address of the users and masks the online content being accessed by them. It comes with Advance Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit keys, which provides military grade security. Another key feature is the use of the IKEv2/IPsec protocol which leads to encryption of the web traffic of the users. Currently, it is virtually impossible to crack the IKEv2/IPsec protocol by even the most robust and strong computers. NordVPN provides additional security to the users through double VPN which means the traffic is encrypted twice. The user connects to the first VPN server, which then redirects it to another server in a different location and the second server then connects to the internet. By using the double VPN security feature, even the second VPN server will be unable to determine the IP address of the users.

NordVPN map US NYC
Using NordVPN map you can choose desired country and region

There is another feature of CyberSec which protects the users from unscrupulous marketers. It blocks the potentially dangerous websites and protects the users from being a victim of online cyber-attacks and hacking. It blocks other annoying advertisements and pop up windows. NordVPN provides the best in class security to its users and assures them peace of mind.

Data Security

NordVPN provides complete security of the user data. It masks the IP address and the ISP cannot ascertain the online activity of the users. It has a very strict no user logs policy which means that the user’s online activity, session duration, etc. are not recorded. This results in no user data being tracked or stored anytime. Another advantage of using NordVPN is that it is located outside the US and the EU and thus it is not bound to collect any personal data of the user. Since no personal data is captured from the user, there is no threat of it being escalated or passed on to other parties.

VPN protects the user’s data and identity compared to connecting to the internet using the standard protocol. However, when a VPN service fails, the users become connected to the internet through the normal standard procedure which exposes the users to fraud and cyber-attacks. NordVPN provides the kill switch feature which terminates the internet connection of the users when the VPN connection fails. When the users connect to the internet using VPN service, then the DNS requests should be routed through the VPN service provider’s DNS servers. If it is routed through the ISP’s DNS servers then the user is vulnerable to online cyber-attacks. NordVPN provides total assurance to the users that their DNS requests will be channeled through only their DNS servers and provide security to the users. Read more about NordVPN security here

Bypass Internet Censorship

Using the VPN service of NordVPN provides the users an effective way of overcoming blocked content and internet censorship. NordVPN has servers globally which allows the users to connect to the internet using more than 5000 servers located across 62 countries. The ISPs cannot track the IP address and the geographical location of the clients and thus the users can access the online content which is blocked for their actual geographical location. It allows the users to have a dedicated IP address which cannot be shared with anyone else. The service protects them from the unfair practice of bandwidth throttling. It achieves this by hiding the user’s online behavior and activity from the ISPs.

NordVPN servers from US
The number of VPN servers located in United States is impressive

NordVPN uses SmartPlay technology which allows the users to access blocked or restricted content on the internet. It also provides them with fast and reliable internet access and video streaming without any lags or buffering. NordVPN has dedicated servers exclusively geared for P2P sharing activities which allows for high speed and encrypted VPN service globally. The VPN service of NordVPN is among the fastest and the most secure in the world and popular among the users.

Compatibility with Multiple Devices

NordVPN provides excellent compatibility across multiple devices. The users can connect up to 6 devices with a single account. This feature comes in handy as in today’s digital world most clients own multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. through which they connect to the internet. NordVPN allows the users the facility to connect it to their router and then the multiple devices connecting to the internet using that router can avail the benefits and security features of the VPN service of NordVPN.

The users can also get a dedicated IP address which is very useful for visiting IP restricted networks. Users can also install NordVPN browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox which will help protect the IP address of the users as it allows them to replace their actual IP address with one of the more than 5000 servers of NordVPN. This protects the online identity of the users always and the browser extension can be used for blocking annoying and unwanted advertisements and pop-up windows and malware.

It’s worth mentioning that NordVPN comes with proxy feature. It won’t be useful for everyone, but it’s very valuable to me. So every NordVPN server works as VPN and proxy server as well.


NordVPN is a popular and highly effective VPN service provider. It has robust hardware and infrastructure globally to offer the most reliable and fastest VPN service to the users. The VPN service uses state-of-the-art features and security protocols to ensure complete online protection and safety. It can be used with multiple devices on a single account which adds to its usefulness. It ensures that the user’s sensitive data and online identity are always protected and they can enjoy the internet without any inhibitions and fear. It provides a better and safe online experience to the users in an online domain which is frittered with threats of cyber-attacks and hacking.

There are many reasons to use fast and secure VPN. Check out NordVPN coupon codes here before making final decision.

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  1. I was a bit skeptical due to a low price of NordVPN, but it overcame my expectations. Sure, there are some websites, that block IPs owned by this VPN service, but it happens very rarely. I truly recommend this VPN service.

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