This is why I switched from bitly to jotURL

JotURL is a very powerful and effective marketing software tool which allows you to track all your marketing campaigns and increase your conversion rates, revenues, and profitability. It is fully loaded with features for benefiting your business. The key reasons why you should use JotURL for your business are as follows.

Branded links

Using JotURL allows you to use branded links for every link which you share. Branded links are known to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) by at least 34%. Your brand name will be reflected in every shared link which enhances the link trust also. Using branded links also improves your search engine ranking results and increases your website visibility and traffic.

Customize your call to action (CTA)

You can customize your CTAs with every link shared by you. Customized CTAs can increase the view-to-submission rates by at least 42%. You can add a branded and customized CTA to every link you share which will help you to generate leads, engage more meaningfully with your customers, and achieve much better conversion rates. You can also share content on different social media platforms even when you are offline. Using JotURL helps you to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Track your conversion rates

JotURL allows you to track your conversion rates conveniently. You can track the key metrics on visits, clicks, installs, downloads, leads, signups, sales etc. You can also define the different marketing funnels the way you like to meet your requirements. You can compare other important metrics relevant to your domain. E-commerce platforms can compare the effectiveness of different affiliate marketers by assessing which marketer is bringing them the maximum number of visitors and conversions.

New remarketing possibilities

In today’s competitive business environment, it is important to create new customers and retain the existing customers. Using JotURL helps you to target your customers by providing them with advertisements relevant to the links they have clicked. You can use your social media platforms or other ad platforms for remarketing pixels to tag and retargeting users who have clicked on your links. You can reach the users who click on your link on different platforms. This increases the chances of conversion significantly.

Intensive monitoring

When you send traffic to broken links, it can cost you financial resources and your marketing efforts are wasted too. Issues like slow loading times can considerably reduce the conversion rates. Also, sending untrusted links can reduce the credibility of your business and also reduces your profitability. It is where JotURL comes in handy. It monitors all your links intensively on a 24/7 basis to ensure their availability and verify their safety. JotURL is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud which is very reliable with 99.99% server uptime.

Advanced and detailed analytics

JotURL provides you rich analytics by letting you track your traffic, conversions, revenue, cost etc. from the dashboard. You can filter your data based on keywords, advertisers, brands, campaigns, channels etc. and assess the most effective of them for your business. This data helps you create better campaigns in the future which provide you a greater ROI and profitability.

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  1. I used to use bitly. Then I bought a standalone software, that I installed on my server. But then I found out about jotURL and I switched to this service. It’s really great. I do recommend it.

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