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Best user sessions recording tools with a free plan

User sessions recordings help you to understand the behavior of your end users on your website. You can understand the problems faced by them while navigating through your website and interacting with different elements. It helps you to understand what the end user wants from your website. It helps you to refine your website elements to meet the user expectations and also improve their overall experience. Some of the most popular user sessions recording tools are as follows.


Hotjar is perhaps the most popular user sessions recording tool. It is GDPR compliant and works on most popular platforms. You can see your end user sessions recordings and understand how they navigate through your website. Their scrolling patterns, mouse clicks, taps etc. can be analyzed. You can filter these recordings by multiple filters allowing you to analyze the data more effectively. Hotjar also provides you heatmaps which shows how the users interact with different elements of your website. Conversion funnels can show you where and why your end users are dropping and you can work towards addressing those issues for improved conversion rates. Hotjar allows you to take user feedback instantly through online forms.


Smartlook is a GDPR compliant qualitative analytics solution for websites and mobile applications. It has more than 200,000 satisfied clients. The user sessions recordings of Smartlook helps you understand why your end users behave when they visit and navigate your website. You can understand that matters the most to your end users and work to improve their experience. You can track a visitor’s journey from the time they visit your website till when they make a purchase. Features like heatmaps help you understand the popularity of your website elements and improving them for better end user experience. Funnel tools help you to ascertain why your end users dropped out and did not go ahead with the desired call to action.


Mouseflow is one of the older players in this domain. It offers you customized heatmaps to show which parts of your website does the end user click upon, moves the mouse, scrolls etc. This helps you understand which elements of your website work and which don’t. You get funnel tools to track where and why your users are dropping out. You can create custom and interactive surveys to get feedback from your end users on issues faced by them while navigating the site. All these helps you to improve and strengthen your website and its elements for better and meaningful engagement of the end user.


Inspectlet is a popular user session recording tools that lets you record 100 sessions per month for free. Once the sessions have been recorded you can use multiple filters to analyze it. The sessions can be filtered for features like new user vs returning user, entry page contains, exit page contains etc. The funnel analysis tool can provide you the session recordings of people who added products to their carts but did not proceed to checkout. This can provide you a better understanding of what went wrong and improving the same for better conversions. Inspectlet provides you eye-tracking heatmaps which shows you what elements your users are focusing on more and which elements are being ignored.

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