Advantages of using social media bots available in Midrub

Social bots is a new emerging trend which is powerful medium for interaction with humans and successful social media management. These bots are programmed and based on algorithms which make use of artificial intelligence. They help in building stronger relationships with potential customers by engaging in a more meaningful way with them. They provide targeted and relevant content to the users and also anticipate their behavior and responses.

Midrub, the popular social media dashboard, provides powerful social media bots for effective social media management. These bots are not available in the demo version. The details of the major social media bots offered by Midrub are provided below:


Promotis is Facebook centered bot offered by Midrub. The users can select published post on Facebook and create comments which can be scheduled to publish later. The users can publish text, images, or links in the comments. They can delete the comments automatically also using this bot.


The bot allows the users to search users on Twitter and save results. The users can then decide to follow or unfollow the users either automatically or manually. The users can access real-time statistics from Twilos on its workings. Using the bot, the users can decide which Twitter account will follow the users obtained from the saved search results.


The bot is helpful in searching the users on VKontakte (VK)- a popular social media platform used by the Russian speaking internet users. The users can make use of this bot and identify users on VK and then follow or unfollow them either automatically or manually. This is a powerful and handy bot provided by Midrub and saves lot of time to the users.

Benefits of Social Media Bots

Social media bots are designed to provide better solutions and information to the customers. Their focus is on enriching the online experience of the user and providing the content and solutions which is being sought by them. Some of the major benefits of using social media bots are provided below:

Enriches Customer Experience

The social media bots provided by Midrub contribute towards effective and successful social media management. These bots are powerful and enrich the customer experience. They help the customers in making informed decisions on social media and provide them with the relevant content which they are looking for. Bots can provide the automated responses to the customers and they can escalate the matter to the human supervisor on important aspects. This helps in serving the customers better. With the social bots being fast, they can process and serve multiple customers simultaneously. This reduces the waiting time for the customers and enriches their overall experience by saving their time and quick resolution of the problems.

Better Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is very important to make them aware about the business and brand. Social media is one of the most effective platforms for engaging the customers and creating a positive visibility for the business. Businesses which engage better with the customers tend to have positive image and recall from them. according to a study, companies effectively engaging with the customers on social media are able to increase their customer spending by 20-40%. The social media bots have an important role to play in this. They make the interaction and engagement with the customers better and more meaningful, thereby helping the businesses achieve better customer engagement.

Monitoring Consumer Data and Behavior

Social media bots are a great means to engage with and converse with the customers. It helps to gain insights into the individual customers and understand their behavior patterns. They are also very helpful in monitoring the consumer data and their behavior. They can track the purchasing patterns of the consumers by monitoring their data. This is very important to the businesses as they can understand what motivates the customers to make a purchase decision and factors which repels them from purchasing. Understanding of the consumer behavior and patterns provides the companies with clarity on how to effectively market their products and be successful.

Ease in Global Operations

Businesses operate in a global environment. For businesses which work in different countries, the data collection for consumer behavior in different languages and engaging them in multilingual environment becomes challenging. Social media bots can provide an effective solution to this. It helps the businesses to connect with customers across the globe and engage with them in their language in a 24/7- and 365-days model. This is quite significant as it allows the businesses to open new markets for themselves and better consumer engagement in multilingual approach, without having to worry too much.

Cost Effective

Social media bots are a highly cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time employees for conversing with the customers and engaging with them. A bot is a programmed unit and is much more efficient and faster than what normal humans are. They are able to engage multiple customers at a time and thus end up servicing more customers than humans. They are also very less error-prone compared to normal humans and this provides better customer satisfaction. Social media bots are cost-effective options which can do the routine task of customer engagement and servicing in a more efficient manner. This helps save considerable costs and adds to the profitability of the business in the long-run.


Social media bots are becoming powerful means of engaging with the customers on social media platforms. They are focused on engaging with the customers and understanding their issues better so that it can be effectively resolved. They provide considerable leverage to the businesses as they ensure better customer engagement and lead to enhanced visibility of the businesses. Bots help to automate the routine business works, thereby freeing the human resources from those tasks so that they can be deployed in more productive and core business operations. They are much more powerful and efficient than normal humans. They are also very cost-effective medium for customer engagement when compared to hiring a full-time team for doing the same. These social media bots provide relevant and personalized content to the users, thereby driving more organic traffic to the website. Businesses which make effective use of social media bots will have successful social media management and gain competitive advantage.

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