Is Social Media really so important?

Social media has become a hugely popular platform for promoting businesses and brands. Leveraging social media can put you ahead of the competition. Studies have shown that 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to others. Social media also provides you an immense global market to you for promotion without paying any additional charges. The importance of social media for promotion are as follows.

Create Brand Awareness

Social media platforms are ideal for creating brand awareness. Creating a social media profile helps you increase your visibility and outreach among potential customers. Actively promoting your brand on social media helps to build brand awareness and brand recognition. You can use social media tools like PromoRepublic which lets you build awesome social media content for your brand and automates the process of posting them by making a schedule. It posts the content based on the time that is ideal for maximum outreach.


Social media is probably the most cost-effective channel of business promotion. You can create business pages and groups for free for engaging with your potential customers. Once your business establishes, you can scale up and opt for paid promotions and advertisements. It is estimated that you can reach out to 5,000-10,000 users on social media by incurring approximately $50. This is much cheaper than other traditional promotional channels and offers you the flexibility of scaling up at your own pace.

Better Segmentation and Targeting

Social media provides you a highly segmented and targeted approach to advertisement. Social media platforms collect their user’s data which can be used for reaching out to targeted audiences. If you are a men’s sports merchandise manufacturer, then you can target users on social media platform aged 20-45 years and who have an interest in sports and shopping. This gives you much better conversion rates due to the targeted approach. You can use PromoRepublic which offers you stunning in-built templates for designing your social media posts for having maximum impact on the potential customers.

Promote Customer Engagement

Social media provides an effective platform to communicate with your potential customers. You can post your content for creating awareness among them and track the post engagement with them. Social media application and solutions like PromoRepublic are very handy in enhancing your engagement with the potential customers. PromoRepublic allows you to continuously track the key engagement metrics like likes, comments, shares, and mentions and notifies the same to you. You can instantly reply back to your potential customers which leads to better customer engagement and building a positive brand image with them.

Increased Traffic

One of the key benefits of using social media for business promotions is that it helps to drive traffic to your website. When potential customers come across your social media profiles, it can lead to call to action by influencing them to visit your website. This helps to increase the inbound traffic to the website and allows you to share better information with the customers. Since such users are visiting your website after developing some understanding of your business on the social media profile, they are more likely to make purchases or other desired call to action.

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