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How to choose the best email marketing software for business?

Email marketing is a popular and effective promotion channel for most digital marketers. It offers better response rates and ROI among other forms of digital marketing. An email marketing application can streamline your entire email campaign and provide significantly improved results. You should consider the following key points to choose the best email marketing application for your business.

Ease of Use

Before selecting an email marketing application, you should check how user-friendly it is. Any email marketing application has to be user-friendly and offer ease of use, otherwise, its utility will be limited. A highly complicated application will be less likely to be used regularly and effectively by the staff. GetResponse is one such email marketing application which is highly intuitive and user-friendly. It can be used easily by beginners and is an ideal application for small businesses.

Integration Capabilities

Any email marketing application should be assessed for its integration capabilities. It should offer easy integration capabilities with other software and applications being used by your business. You should check if these email marketing applications can be integrated with your CRM or not. Integration with the CRM will help you to sync all the contacts from CRM to the application. This will enable the email marketing application to set up automated process of sending emails to the contacts imported from the CRM.

Mobile Optimized Platform

The ideal email marketing application should be optimized for mobile platform. It should have templates and operational features optimized for mobile platform. There has been a visible behavioral shift among users for accessing their emails, with 43% of the users checking emails on their mobile phones. This makes it absolutely mandatory for your email marketing application to be mobile ready. Most popular email marketing applications like AWeber, FreshMail etc. are optimized for mobile platforms.

Social Media Integration

Email marketing applications should consider the importance of social media marketing and allow seamless integration with social media platforms. This can lead to better brand awareness and recognition among the target audience. Integration with social media can also improve the engagement with the target audience by replying to their views and comments immediately. It can also increase the visibility of the brand and business.

Technical Support

Technical support and regular updates are important factors to consider before selecting your email marketing application. They should provide prompt support for resolution of client’s queries and provide the service on priority. they can assign a representative to specific clients for technical support. Your email marketing application should also provide your regular updates for improved performance and user experience.

Email Marketing Cost

You can consider the features being provided by different email marketing applications against the cost to arrive at the best option for your business. In most cases, these applications charge you a monthly fee based on the nature of services being provided. MailWizz though charges you a one-time license fee of $59 only and you don’t have to pay any monthly fee thereafter. It’s one of the most cost-effective email marketing applications in the market which you can consider for your business.

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