Ensuring better results in image optimization process with tools

Images on a website speak more than words because they grab the attention of visitors effectively while promoting a brand. A website should contain small images in order to lower the bouncing rates and more time during the loading prices. The image optimization helps to get high visibility in search engines by reducing sizes. However, it is important one to carry out the same with high accuracy for obtaining better results which will help to reach visitors in quick turnaround time.

Nowadays, image optimization tools are gaining popularity as they help to create a high-quality image which exactly fit SEO purposes. They provide ways for reducing the overall size of images with different types of features for making them an effective one. In addition, developers can benefit a lot from them which gives ways for experiencing the desired outcomes.

ShortPixel tool for image optimization purposes

ShortPixel is a powerful image optimization tool which comes with a variety of features. It makes feasible ways for enhancing the speed of a website in search engines for gaining immediate recognition. Moreover, the tool gives ways for improving overall performance with high accuracy. Some of the features offered by ShortPixel include:

  • Bulk optimization of images
  • Unlimited file size images
  • Image compression statistics
  • Resizing large images
  • WebP conversions
  • Allows users to optimize images in media library
  • 3 levels of compression
  • Supports all types of file formats including PDF documents
  • Helps to optimize images automatically on uploading
  • Restores original images
  • Image comparison
  • Enables developers to choose images stored in other locations
  • Removes extra information (EXIF) data

The tool is free for up to 100 images and one should buy a monthly plan for using more images. It is necessary to know more about the installation process in detail after selecting a package.

What is EWWW image optimizer?

EWWW is another image optimization tool that is well-known for its features. It even shows methods for improving conversion rates while promoting a brand. The tool is a perfect choice for optimizing already uploaded images and uploading images efficiently to achieve the best results. Some of the features available in the tool include:

  • Smooth handling
  • No speed limits
  • Free image backups for 30 days that help to store original images
  • Enables users to compress all types of file images with lossy options
  • Cloud compression
  • Resizing options
  • Personal support
  • Converts images to file formats for getting small sizes
  • API plug-in that works on any hosting platform
  • WebP images
  • WP image editor
  • Image stores
  • Covers Foo gallery, NEXTGEN gallery, NEXTCELLANT gallery, and GRAND FLUSH album gallery

The tool is a suitable one for those who want to publish only a few images in a month. Besides that, the pre-paid plans are available for publishing huge volume of images. It is a wise one to compare the features of image optimization tools online and other reliable sources for choosing a plan accordingly.

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