Use Sendy to send newsletters much cheaper

Email marketing is a direct and effective approach to reaching a large number of customers or clients. However, the cost and hassle of managing these lists without a dedicated platform is overwhelming and inefficient.

Email marketing in general

For some companies, managing email correspondence can be the equivalent to multiple full-time positions. Regular email servers cannot handle the volume and specificity required by growing companies, or established companies with significant client bases. Automated email systems ease the burden of repetitive email management tasks and offer support and services to optimize analytics and user reports for more effective email marketing.

Programs such as MailChimp, AWeber, MailWizz, Sendy, and others similar services offer a centralized,automated, and customizable ESP which allows users to track, analyze, target, and manage client lists. Features allow users to use analytics to optimize email marketing in ways that meet the user’s specific campaign goals.

Sendy as a cost effective service

Unlike many of the more expensive email marketing services, Sendy via Amazon SES is a self hosted, cost effective alternative. The cost is a one-time fee of $59. Emails are sent via Amazon SES and cost a mere $1 per 10000 emails.And while Sendy is self-hosted, they do offer support to clients who run into any issues. Additionally, Sendy has a comprehensive “Get Started Guide” to help clients just starting out. While Sendy is not as powerful as MailWizz for example, the incredibly competitive price points attract many users.

Improve your sales with Sendy

Email marketing has had a significant impact on the bottom line of a company’s sales. According to marketing experts, around 50% of consumers who used a coupon code in their most recent online transaction reported they would not have made a purchase without a coupon code. One of the features of Sendy is the ability to generate unique coupon codes for clients on the mailing list. Coupon codes are a fantastic way to bolster sales, utilizes email marketing allows businesses with thousands of clients to receive instant incentives or special access to discounts and sales.

Target specific clients

Sendy allows users to review sent email campaigns in formatted reports. Analyze your charts which sort and format data on clicks, complaints, bounces, opens and activity by country. Using Sendy allows users to create list segments based on custom conditions. Choosing specific segments to include or exclude is a key strategy in optimizing campaigns. Figures reveal an approximate 25% increase in revenue as a result using targeted segments in email marketing.

These platforms have many other valuable features. Email marketing can also target customers with specific buying preferences in order to streamline email advertisements and updates for certain launches and products. Additionally, email marketing services can provide reports on clients or customers who have added a service to their cart or have expressed interest. Sendy allows users to send reminder emails to bolster sales. Sendy allows users to manipulate “Custom Fields” to store more data about clients and subscribers to give a more custom-tailed experience.


Sendy offers a professional service for a fraction of the cost, compared to other automated email services. Email marketing is an essential part of reaching customers and clients directly, and the features Sendy offers make a big difference in the effectiveness of email campaigns.

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