Managing multiple social media profiles using Stackposts

With the growing importance of social media in promoting businesses, the need for effective tools for social media management is also growing. These social media tools are important resources which allows businesses to engage with their customers more productively.

Social media management is instrumental in providing the businesses with competitive advantage. Stackposts is one such resourceful social media tools which is popular among businesses. The major benefits of using Stackposts are as follows:

Managing multiple social media platforms

Businesses these days use multiple social media platforms for engaging with their customers. Using different social media platforms has its advantages and it ensures meaningful and better engagement with the customers. On the flipside, managing each of the individual social media platforms, publishing posts, and monitoring the likes, comments etc. is a very complex task. Social media tools help reduce the complexities with managing such complexities. Stackposts allows businesses to manage multiple social media platforms and reduce the cumbersome work of manually managing each social media platform.

Automated post scheduling

Active usage of social media is important for engaging the customers in a productive manner. Businesses have to design and publish the appropriate posts for making an impact with the customers. However, manually publishing the posts across various social media platform is a difficult work. It can also lead to missing of publishing some important posts. Stackposts allows the users to bring automation to the publishing of posts on social media. Users can schedule when they want specific posts to be published and on which social media platform. This saves lot of time and resources for the businesses and they can be sure that the right posts are published on pre-decided times.

Use of preferred language

Stackposts allows businesses to use their preferred or local languages through its powerful translation and internationalization tool. Using a local language provides better chances of engaging more meaningfully with the customers and getting the desired results.

Integrated payment gateway

Stackposts runs on SAAS platform and comes with an integrated payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe payment etc. to allow the businesses to charge different price plans to their customers. They can charge the subscription fee from the customers and accept payments through the payment gateway.

Better customer engagement

Engaging with customers on a personal level always yields better results than providing routine responses to them. An effective social media dashboard like Stackposts allows the users to keep a track of the conversations done with specific customers. This provides valuable inputs on the customers and gives an idea on how to engage with each customer. When the customers realize a personal touch with the companies they become associated and loyal customers.

Real time response management

Stackposts allows the users to publish their posts on social media with automated schedules. In addition, it also allows to track the posts and the response of the customers on the posts. Companies can track the likes, comments etc. of the customers on their posts and respond in real time to them. A prompt response to the potential customers on the social media is perceived as a big positive by them. It enhances the credibility of the company and allows the business to resolve the concerns of the customers effectively.

Analyze social performance

Social media performance can be analyzed by detailed reports on the social media metrics. Stackposts provide the users with different metrics which can be used to assess the company’s performance and social media management. Using these reports, the companies can plan for better social media management and engagement with the potential customers.

Planning a social editorial calendar

A professional social media tool provides the businesses to plan out long-term social media editorial calendar. It can provide them clarity on what has to be posted and when. Companies which are successful in social media management have a balanced approach towards the frequency of their social media posts. They do not publish the posts too frequently or very occasionally. A professional social media management tool like Stackposts allows the users to plan their posting calendar well in advance. When such plans are made in such advance, it provides more time to the management to engage in core business operations and also plan the social media engagement more effectively.

Enhanced social accountability

Social accountability is an important aspect of social media management. It is important that only the authorized personnel of the businesses publish post on social media and engage with the customers. Unauthorized personnel publishing posts can have destructive results for the business. Stackposts provides additional security levels which ensures that only the authorized persons in the company can publish posts on social media. It also has the added assurance that in the unlikely case of any slip-ups, it can be easily determined as to who had posted the message without authorization. This feature not only helps the businesses to engage better with the customers, but it also enhances the credibility of the businesses.

Is there a good alternative to Stackposts?

Yes, indeed, there is one I can recommend and it’s called Midrub. Right now it’s even cheaper than Stackposts and offers more features out of the box. I use them both and I personally think they both are worth your money. However if you’re into SaaS model and you want to pay monthly fee you should check out Hootsuite or Buffer.

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